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The Lotls: kawaii axolotl art by Evy Benita
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Introducing Lottie’s River Run: a Handdrawn Indie Sidescroller

Are you ready for this? Lottie the Lotl is coming to your mobile! In today’s post, you get a VIP sneak-peek at the first-ever The Lotls game: Lottie’s River Run…

Lottie the Lotl animated to swim. The animation is hand drawn and hand painted with traditional Procreate brushes.Lottie’s lost her seashells! Can you help her find them?

In Lottie’s River Run, you as the player get to explore the underwater caves of Lotl Land. You play as Lottie, and your task is to collect as many missing seashells as possible. But be careful, Fire Fruit Frogs lurk behind many a corner…

A rotating seashell from the indie game, Lottie's River Run by The LotlsWait… Fire Fruit Frogs?

Why, of course!

Fire Fruit Frogs are not villains by nature, but Lottie’s clunky paddling and speedy manoeuvres might just startle them a bit. And when Fire Fruit Frogs are startled, they attack.

An Indie Game with a Hand Drawn Art Style

We’re extremely excited about this cutie patootie kawaii game. All our animations are hand-drawn and hand-painted by Evy Benita using a custom made brush pack. The game’s art style is all about two of our favorite things: 2D animation and kawaii aesthetics.

A Classic Endless Runner Game

The game’s mechanics represent everything we love about endless runner games: simple, easy-to-pick-up mechanics, combined with immense excitement and endless hours of fun.

The second half of our two-person team, Alan Thorn, is in charge of programming the game, and today, he’s making sure our froggies are working as they should. Evy is in charge of taking blurry photos:

A prototype screenshot from Lottie's River Run, showing a kawaii axolotl swimming past cute frogs and seashells.

Alternative “Tranquility” Mode

In addition to the classic game mechanics, Lottie’s River Run will also have an alternative “Tranquility” mode.

Here, you as the player get to explore the rivers of Lotl Land at your own pace. There’s no timer, there’s no danger; there’s just you and a relaxing river stream.

Platforms & Availability

iOS and Android On launch day (TBC)
PC (Windows, Mac and Linux) On launch day (TBC)
Nintendo Switch Kickstarter Stretch Goal

Coming Soon to Kickstarter Games

Lottie’s River Run will be launching on Kickstarter at the end of 2021. – Most likely at the end of November.

In addition to the game, we’ll have a brand new collection of cute collectibles available:

  • A Kickstarter- and pre-order-exclusive pin set
  • The second-ever The Lotls XL Series enamel pin
  • Console-related goodies
  • Backer freebies
  • – And a’lotl more!

Stay tuned! And if you haven’t already, make sure you join our newsletter to stay up to date on all things Lotl :3

Concept art for Lottie's River Run (mobile game). The concept demonstrates what a screenshot of the final game should look like. It shows Lottie the Lotl swimming through an underwater environment in a flat, 2D perspective. Lottie can collect hearts and golden nuggets, and has to dodge rocks and barriers.


  • lowquake@gmail.com
    October 27, 2021

    Oh my gosh that looks fantastic!!!

    Please let me know when the kickstarter begins, I would love to support you with this! ^-^

    Regards LowQuake/Cam <3

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