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The Lotls: kawaii axolotl art by Evy Benita
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Making axolotl art toys

Making Lotl Art Toys

Exciting things are happening here at The Lotls HQ! This month, we’ve been playing around with making art toys. Come see pics!


Making axolotl art toys

Hi, friend! Evy here!

This year we’re bringing The Lotls into the world of art toys. We’re starting with a series of cute, chonky axolotl figurines with… wait for it… – interchangeable antennas!

Making The Lotls art toys

Making axolotl art toys

I started this process by sculpting three Lotls. I built the bodies and antennas separately to avoid issues with air bubbles during casting.

Making axolotl art toys

The first few days of casting were total failures BUT day number four showed some real promise. I can’t wait to share these with you.

Store launch

Our axolotl art toys will go live in our Lotl shop in May, 2022. These are handmade and therefore extremely limited, so if you want one, make sure you sign up to our newsletter to get notified. We’re so excited to finally bring you The Lotls toys!

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Big hugs, – Evy


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